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  • With more than 2,000 songs in his repertoire, a peasant mass for the Vatican and over 30 years as a musician of the Dominican Embassy in Venezuela, Jose is known as "The Human jukebox".


    He only is 68 years old and he dedicates his life to teach free classes to shoeshine boys, poor people and anyone else who wants to learn music.


    Today he needs our help which is why we are collecting RD$7.000 to cover the cost of the medicine he needs for 1 month. As a way of giving back a little of what Jose gives to others.


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    With more than 2,000 songs in his repertoire, he dedicates his life to share his passion with shoeshine boys. Today he needs our help.

    More than being a mother, it is a survivor who now faces another nightmare and with your help it will soon, be just a memory.

    This beautiful child represents more than a disability, this is not about his condition, it's about the meaning of his life and what we can do together, for him.

    These two kids, share the same reality that condemn us to an uncertain future. We want to change this by providing them with the education they need.

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  • Dreams fulfilled

    These are some of the causes that together we have make them happen.


    Meet Juan

    With your help we raised US$2,634 to give Juan Rosario a new home for him and his two grandchildren.


    From shoeshine boy to violinist

    What began as a dream of filling the streets with music, has come true with the free Music School on the street, which managed to raise US$480 with your support :)

    Scarlet, what a beautiful smile hides.

    This beautiful baby suffers from epilepsy, she is only 1 year old. In order to know how severe her condition was, she needed an MRI. We did it! With the support of many we raised US$316 :)

    Give a notebook to children in slums

    This cause raised US$632 with the mission of providing school supplies to more than 150 underprivileged children in the province of Hato Mayor del Rey, one of the poorest in Dominican Republic.

    Let's help

    Thanks to your support we raised US$219, enough money to operate the leg of Ronnin, a dog abandoned in a dumpster with a high degree of dehydration.

    A Liter of Light: illuminates homes

    With the help of many we raised RD$10,800 to light up 30 homes through a Liter of Light this Christmas.

    Give away Smiles

    Raised RD$4,100 to bring an evening of joy and education for underprivileged children in San José de Ocoa.

    Meet Wesly

    Thanks to the donations we received, we could cover the costs of the school, uniforms, shoes and school supplies he needed for 1 entire year.

    Meet Heart

    This beautiful dog is called Heart. She was about to lose her eyes, but thanks to the care of PETHOMERD and the collaboration of dozens of people we raised RD$4,490 to cover part of the treatment.


    Anabel, the face of impotence

    Anabel is only 1 year old. She was diagnosed with the West syndrome, a rare condition that causes spasms and convulsions when she was 2 months old. We raised enough to cover a part of her treatment and more.


    Lucia, from a home to just ashes

    Within minutes they lost everything they had. Thanks to all who supported this cause, we raised RD$10,570 to help them have the basics, such as a bed, a towel, sheets and a stove.

    Christmas dinner for children in slums 

    With the help of our donors we made possible a dinner for 1,000 children in slums. An evening of joy, happiness and food, that filled the hearts of these children with hope and new dreams.

    Give a toy to a child with HIV

    With the support of people like you, we made possible an afternoon of innocence and happiness. We raised RD$18.280 pesos for these children.

    Daniel, hope for a change

    Everything started with Daniel, and his shoes. A month later, with the support of Bella Vista Mall, we managed to collect more than 60 shoes and give them to these beautiful children in an evening full of joy and lots of smiles.

    Leidy, a synonym for Courage

    With this beautiful smile, and a super choice, we present Leidy. Behind this photo a story of courage hides. Leidy was diagnosed with Leukemia just eight months ago. Thanks to the support of many we raised RD $ 13.900 for a biopsy.

    A valve for life

    Joseph, has only five months, which means 150 days of life spent in the hospital, due to his hydrocephalic condition. Thanks to the support of many we collected RD$12.670 for a valve that will change his life.

    Jasuel, a genius boy

    With recycled cardboard and used syringes he manages to create fully functional robots. He deserved better education and this is why with the support of many we raised RD$26,400 so he can study at a polytechnic school.

    A breath away from dying

    Imagine being seconds away from dying by lack of oxygen and live your life depending on that. For some like Carlos, breathing isn't so easy ... and he lives every minute thinking if he will have another breath. This is why we raised RD$17,200 to provide 17 days of oxygen.

    Johan and his little hand

    When the phrase "Give me a hand" becomes more than just a statement of support, you know that there is something to be remedied. This is the story of this little one, his name is Johan and he has been living with one hand all his life. Therefore we raised RD$10,275 to give him a prosthesis.

    An explosion, one minute and 40 lives

    On Tuesday February 16 at 6 am, the lives of many changed and not for good, because the explosion destroyed everything they had. Thanks to you and with the help of many, we raised RD$ 43.000 pesos with which we provided food kits to more than 20 families.

    Brendaly: innocence and abandonment

    Brendaly, it is a beautiful girl marked by abandonment. She currently lives with her sister Diorka, since her father left when she was just a baby and her mother is missing. We raised RD$10.125 pesos to guarantee her education.

    Razon, a life of


    Every day we see them, we forget that they are living creatures, that cry, breathe, and that each lash is an abuse, we got used to see them ... suffer. That is why we raised with the help of many RD $ 17.400 to give a new opportunity not only to Razon, but to more than 100 horses that today have been rescued thanks to the Fundación Protectora de los Animales de la Dra. Lois.

    Boundless love

    Juan Nival is 28 years old and Solsiris (Soledad) is 26, both of them are very special and live in the "Centro Discapacitado Hogar Ángeles Felices". We raised with your help, RD$9.000 so they can stay in this center which provides a healthy environment for them.

    Orphans of the world

    We see them but is like they do not exist, they are a part that the world has rejected, sometimes even invisible. These are the people who live on the street, homeless, dozens of humans who for reasons that often can not control, are destined to live a life without hope.

    Luz, far beyond a disability


    We present Luz Arias, she is a special young women with 27 years old. Who is also an executive secretary, a trainee in Sales, a Graduate of the English immersion program and a victim of poverty. With your help we raised RD $ 5.000 to determine what causes the condition she has.

    A home turned to ashes

    On February 22, more than 10 households turned ashes by a fire in the area known as the Fracatán, next to Nibaje, in Santiago. We managed to help one of the families affected by this terrible tragedy.

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